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Summer is meant for fun…hiking, swimming, playing games in the park and enjoying the longer days and warmth of the sun. It’s also the time to get out the grill and celebrate Memorial Day and the Fourth of July with backyard barbeques. Everything is wonderful, and then comes the dreaded “zzzz” of mosquitoes.

Do you have an overwhelming number of mosquitoes around your property? If so, we can help. Protect your family by contacting the professionals. During the summer and fall, mosquitoes can be a real annoyance.

To rid your yard and home of mosquitos of all types and to make your outdoor living experience a happy one again, a call to The Green Advantage for professional mosquito control service is the solution to your mosquito problem.

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Information about Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are flies. They have two wings attached at the mesothorax and the hind wings are shrunken. The hind wings function as a stabilizer during flight. The mouth parts consist of a pair of palpi and long proboscis, that the females use to pierce skin and suck blood. A female uses the proteins in the blood to develop her eggs.



Species: 3,200
Family: Cullicidae
Length: 0.6 Inches
Feeding: Nectar, females blood
Distribution: Worldwide
Hematophagous: (of an animal/insect) feed on blood
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